March 30, 2023

Finalizing your offer of admission

Congratulations on receiving your offer of admission. The following are helpful tips and next steps as you become a Dino!
The University of Calgary campus covered in snow.

Congratulations to the many students who have received an offer of admission to an undergraduate program with the University of Calgary. We’re pleased to welcome you to the UCalgary community and look forward to supporting you as you Start Something at Canada’s most entrepreneurial university.

There are four key steps for you to accept and finalize your offer of admission:

  1. Accept your offer: Accept your offer of admission through your Student Centre (
  2. Pay your deposit: Your $500 non-refundable admissions deposit will be applied towards your first-year tuition fees
  3. Review your registration next steps guide: Review the high school student guide or transfer student guide
  4. Register in courses: You must register in at least one course in your admission term

The following outlines commonly asked questions we receive related to accepting your offer:

My initial offer of admission is conditional. What conditions do I need to maintain?

If you’ve received an offer of admission, your conditions of admission are outlined with deadlines in your Student Centre ( under the “Status” link. You must complete your offer of admission conditions and send your final grades by the deadline outlined.

Changes to an applicant’s final grades are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. UCalgary may re-evaluate your application for admission if:

For high school applicants

  • Your final average using the five required courses for admission has fallen more than 3-5% below the competitive average. The competitive average is variable based on the program of admission and will be available in your Student Centre ( in early April.
  • You do not have all the degree-specific required courses
  • You have not completed your high school diploma

For transfer applicants

  • Your final term does not indicate the same level of academic achievement
  • You do not have all the degree-specific requirements

UCalgary begins finalizing offers of admission after receiving final grades. Historically, over 98% of students maintain their offer of admission. If you’re not eligible to maintain your offer of admission, our team will be happy to connect with you to explore options and the next steps.

Our advice—don’t stress about your final grades. Continue to do your best and work hard in the same way you did to achieve the grades that got you an offer of admission in the first place! We can’t wait to have you join us to Start Something!

I’ll be applying next year and saw the competitive admission averages required to maintain an offer. Are these the averages I’ll need to meet to qualify for a future intake?

The posted averages are specific to the admission term and reflect the grades required to finalize an offer of admission for our current intake. The averages required to finalize an offer of admission are not connected to or predictive of the grades required for future intakes.

If you’re considering applying for a future intake, please consult the admission requirements page, as it's updated regularly and provides a better estimation of the averages required for the following admission term.

What is the admission deposit, and how do I pay it?

All students who receive an offer of admission are required to pay a $500 CAD admission deposit. This advanced payment will hold your seat and will be applied toward your first-year tuition fees. The deadline to pay this deposit is outlined in your offer letter.

The admission deposit payment process is the same for your tuition fees. The University of Calgary accepts payment for tuition and general fees primarily through Canadian banking with a personal bank account. Canadian and international students can pay their fees online from nearly anywhere in the world through CIBC Student Pay and Convera Global Pay for Students. Instructions for these payment methods can be found on the How to Pay Your Fees page.

All payments take processing time to appear on your student account. Students will need to plan for these processing times, depending on the payment method.

What should I do if I haven’t received an offer of admission yet?

Most admission offers for high school students are granted by May 1; for transfer students by June 1. UCalgary will continue to consider students for admission after final grades become available in May (transfer) or July (high school). A small number of additional offers may be granted at this time. These offers are granted on a top-down basis, starting with students with the highest average or GPA first.

If you haven’t received an offer within these timelines, we encourage you to connect with us to discuss options for the upcoming academic year.

I received an offer. What happens to my other program choice?

If you received an offer of admission to your first-choice program, this is the only offer of admission you’ll receive. If you received an offer of admission to your second-choice program, you’ll continue to be considered for your first-choice program, provided there are still spaces available in the program at the time you meet the requirements. In this scenario, you will automatically be re-evaluated once final grades are received.

Please note that the admission office aims to complete the majority of high school offers by May 2023 and June 2023 for transfer applicants. Learn more about considering your first- and second-choice programs.

I’m excited to start in the fall but I have questions about course registration. Who can I connect with?

High school course registration takes place between May 23-25, 2023. For help choosing your first-year classes and building your schedule, the New Student Registration Assistance (NSRA) team is available from May 9 to Sept. 1 to teach you the skills required to register successfully in classes at the University of Calgary. Meet with the NSRA team to:

The NSRA team is available for in-person or Zoom appointments, or via email at (please note that this email is not monitored regularly until early May).