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My GradSkills is here to help you succeed during and after your degree.

My GradSkills is your source for academic support and career development. We connect you with workshops and resources to help you navigate grad school, internships, entrepreneurial training, and opportunities for personal growth to help you prepare for life after grad school.

Read on to learn more about how to make My GradSkills programs and partners work for you!

Looking to build upon or gain new skills on your own time? View these Online/Virtual Training options


Learn about skills internships: what they are, how to find them, how they differ from research internships, and how they can help prepare you for a career.

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A wide range of workshops are available to help you succeed academically and prepare for life after graduate school. Find workshops tailored to your needs, and use our Matrix tool to decide when to take them.

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Campus resources

Learn to navigate the many services and supports available to graduate students, including academic support, career planning, international student services, training for teaching assistants and more.

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Vicki Bouvier

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning can transform your graduate education with hands-on training and professional development. Learn more about experiential learning opportunities for graduate students.

Elena speaks

Communication skills for school, work and life

More than ever, communication skills are key to both academic and non-academic careers. Know how to share your research confidently with different audiences. Learn about communication training and opportunities offered by My GradSkills.

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