Flexible Grading Option (CG Grade)

The University of Calgary has introduced a new grading option for students called credit granted (CG). Students may request a CG grade for a limited number of courses—in most cases just one course—that they complete over the course of a graduate degree. The intention of the CG grade is to support student’s breadth of learning and student wellness. A CG grade may count toward a student’s degree requirements in some programs, but it doesn’t impact their grade point average (GPA). “CG” appears on a transcript in place of the letter grade a student would have received.

CG Eligibility Details for Graduate Students:

  • The CG grade will not be allowed in some graduate programs or courses.
  • A maximum of one regular course (up to three units) may be taken for a CG grade over an entire graduate program. Students enrolled in laddered pathways may only have a grade of CG for a total of one regular course throughout the entire laddered pathway.
  • To opt for the CG grade, graduate students must:
    • Be enrolled in a graduate program that allows CG grades. (Note that courses taken extra-to-program may be eligible for CG grades in some programs.)
    • Be in good academic standing
    • Achieve a minimum final grade of "B-" or above

Each Faculty has specific CG Grade regulations. Refer to Flexible Grade Option (CG Grade) under each program in the Graduate Calendar for additional detail.