Award termination

Avoid having your award terminated and/or having to repay the award by maintaining your eligibility and complying with the award regulation.

Reasons for award cancellations

Your award will be cancelled without notice if the award terms of reference are not met. Your employment and changes in your registration can also lead to award termination and needing to repay the award.

Your registration

The following registration changes may lead to your award being cancelled:

  • You change your registration to part-time status
  • You change your degree program
    • If you transfer from a master’s to a doctoral program, you may still hold the master’s level award when the award terms of reference allow it.
  • You withdraw from your program
  • You are not progressing at an acceptable rate as determined by your progress reports
  • You are no longer registered and have no fees. 
    • You cannot start an award in the same month in which you complete your degree requirements

You will be required to return the award/scholarship funds received while you were ineligible:

Registration Overview

Your funding

To allow for the fair distribution of our scholarships and awards

  • Students cannot be fully funded by a third party sponsor 

Awards are cancelled at the end of the month in which you complete your degree requirements, including submitting your thesis to FGS, unless otherwise stated.

Example 1

Olenna T. was awarded an Alberta Innovates–Health Solutions scholarship and completed her oral exam on May 23, 2019, making her ineligible for further funding effective June 1. Olenna did not inform the Graduate Award Office and received two more months of funding before handing in her thesis on August 15, 2019. Olenna was required to repay the two months of funding she received when not eligible.

Example 2

Khal D. was nominated for a Program Recommended award to be paid starting September 2019. Khal handed in his thesis by the September deadline, completing all degree requirements. Registration and fees were reversed. Because a student cannot start an award in the same month he/she completes all degree requirements, Khal was no longer eligible for the Program Recommended award and was required to repay the September payment.

Receiving an award you are no longer eligible for will lead to having to repay the award to the university in full. If you are not eligible, contact the Graduate Scholarship Office