Act Your Science workshop

Communication skills for graduate students

Command the room like a boss.

Oral Communication

The ability to speak about research with confidence and clarity is a key skill for graduate students to succeed academically and in their careers. Learn about training and events to help you develop superb oral communication skills.

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Channel your inner Hemingway.

Written Communication

Translating complex ideas for a wide range of audiences without resorting to specialized language and technical jargon is a skill that will serve you well in any career. Learn about opportunities to grow your writing skills. 

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A picture is worth 80,000 words.

Visual Communication

Visual media play an important role in research communication, whether through photography, video, data visualization or research graphics. Find out about resources and events to develop your visual communication skills.

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3MT Awards

University of Calgary Three Minute Thesis Competition

The 3MT is an annual graduate research communications competition for thesis-based students. Take part in workshops, training and feedback sessions as a participant in this world-renowned competition.

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