Service Requests and eForms

The following information, document and video will provide step by step guides to support you in using the service requests and eForms, available to you through your Student Centre.

Information and Resources

Students who are unable to be academically active or productive for a period of time should apply for a Leave of Absence. Before submitting your request, reach out to your Graduate Program Office and have a conversation about your intentions.

Service Requests and eForms Video

Follow this informational video to submit service requests and eForms through the Student Centre portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • If you have not taken a leave of absence at any point during your current program, select First Time
  • If you are currently on a leave of absence, and are requesting to extend that leave of absence, select Renewal
  • If you have taken a leave of absence, and then returned to your studies, and are now requesting an additional discrete leave of absence, select Renewal

Whenever possible, your leave of absence dates should align with the start and end dates of a term. Refer to the Academic Schedule in the University Calendar, including the section of Tentative Future Dates, for the start and end dates of each term for the next year. 

You can request a leave of absence that is between one term and one year in length at one time.  The exception is for Parental Leaves, where you can request up to 18 months at one time. Depending on the circumstances, when you near the end of your leave of absence, it may be possible to request an extension, if you require additional time away from your program. 

Yes, international students are eligible for a leave of absence. However, a leave of absence can have important implications to immigration status. All international graduate students who are considering taking a leave of absence should consult with our Graduate Academic & International Specialist, Marisa Norona or International Student Services prior to submitting their request to ensure they understand the immigration implications for their specific situation.