Payment Plan

Pay your fees in monthly installments throughout the term or year

For fee payment deadlines and other important updates, visit our New, Updates and Events page

Applying for a payment plan

Make sure you are eligible

1. Be a UCalgary graduate student in good financial standing with the university

2. Not be receiving University of Calgary Tuition Support Benefits, or third party sponsorship

Submit an application

Applications must be completed and signed by the student and submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies by 4:30 pm on the Payment Plan deadline. The front desk closes at 4:00 pm.

Summer 2021 Payment Plan deadline: July 30, 2021

Fee payment deadlines

Pay your fees

Payments are not automatically deducted from your income. You will have to initiate a payment. Each payment is due at the end of the month. View the deadlines for each payment on your Student Centre under My Financials. The deadline date includes a three-day delay to allow for online payments. If the deadline is October 3rd, you should pay your fees by September 30th.

How to pay your fees

Updating your payment plan

Changes to your fees

If your fees changed after the payment plan was initially approved, for eg, you changed from part-time to full-time status, contact your graduate program officer in the Faculty of Graduate Studies before the deadline for the new fees to be included in the plan. Your payment plan will not automatically adjust if you make changes to your fees. If you do not adjust your payment plan you may incur interest charges and a withhold may be placed on your account.

Check your fees and payment plan when an adjustment has been made. You can do this through your Student Centre under "Account Inquiry".

Cancelling your plan

If you wish to cancel a payment plan, your remaining fees should be paid in full to complete the payment plan.



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