Award Guide: Applying for awards

Take the first steps toward starting and completing your graduate award application

Create an award application

Start your search early and apply as soon as possible!

In most cases, we encourage you to apply for awards at the same time you apply to become a graduate student at the University of Calgary. All you need is your UCalgary student number (UCID). Your first step in receiving an award is to apply. This section covers everything you need to know before you submit your award application.

Look for awards

How to sort through thousands of open competitions to find the awards that match your criteria.

Know where to look

Know your eligibility

Found an award? Make sure you are eligible to apply. Learn about the regulations and what they mean for you.

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Gathering documents

Many award applications ask for transcripts, references, research proposals and CVs. Learn about about gathering and preparing these important documents.

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All award applicants must read and understand the Graduate Award Regulation