Finding an internship

Resources and strategies for finding an internship opportunity

To participate in the Transformative Talent Internship program, you first need to have an internship opportunity. Explore these resources to help you find an internship opportunity that can be made into a Transformative Talent Internship.

Reflection helps you to develop self-awareness and align your internship search with who you are and what you value. You are the most qualified person to identify how your knowledge, skills, and abilities can benefit an organization.

Job hunting is an important skill. As a graduate student, you know what kind of internship placement will be best for you. You might know companies, industries, government agencies and community groups related to your area of study or career goals. Research organizations that can use your skills. Discuss internship ideas with your graduate supervisor.

This activity may help you identify opportunities to pursue informational interviews where you can learn more about the industries, companies, and roles you are interested in pursuing.

Talk with your academic supervisor, professors, fellow graduate students, and alumni about careers people in your field or with similar skills pursue. Foster relationships to build your network and find the hidden job market.

Most internships are found through networking. Approach organizations you’re interested in working with.

Use these resources to develop your job search skills and find internship opportunities.

  1. TTI Discovery Program

    This online asynchronous program is offered each term to students interested in pursuing a Transformative Talent Internship at some point in their time at UCalgary. This program goes into detail on identifying your values, interests, skills, and strength, leading into goal setting and formulating an internship action plan. Upon completing this 6–8-week program, you will be able to evaluate and apply for internship positions more effectively.

  2. Career specialists

    Dedicated master’s, PhD, and international career specialists in Career Services are available to help with job search, resumes, and cover letters.

  3. Workshops and events

    My GradSkills’ partners offer workshops and events throughout the year. Workshop topics include identifying transferable skills, networking, CV and resume preparation, interview skills, and more. Check the calendar regularly.

  4. My CareerSkills Toolkit

    This free ebook is full of tips, exercises, and resources to help you explore your career goals and find and apply for opportunities.

  5. Job postings

    Approved postings under the Faculty of Graduate Studies tab on Elevate are a good fit for Transformative Talent Internships. Check often for updates.

Identify and approach organizations you want to work with. Learn what they need and how you can help.

Contact those organizations to learn what they do and how your skills can help. Try using this email template to request an informational interview. 

Meet with people who are interested in hosting you as an intern. Share information with them about Transformative Talent Internship.

IMPORTANT: TTI eligibility

Before applying for a TTI, it is important to confirm:

  • Your eligibility to participate in the internship opportunity and the TTI program
  • The eligibility of the internship opportunity to qualify for the TTI program