Written communication skills

Develop skills writing for a broad audience

My GradSkills and the Faculty of Graduate Studies work with partners like the Graduate Students' Association creating opportunities for you to write for your colleagues, and to share your research with a broad audience.

Grad Life

What is your experience of grad school like? Share your views on our Grad Life page. We're always seeking grad students willing to provide written content on a range of topics:

  • advice on succeeding in grad school and making the most of your time at UCalgary
  • what you wish you knew starting out
  • navigating a successful relationship with your supervisor

Or perhaps you'd like to suggest another topic. See our Grad Life page to find out how you can get involved! 

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Writing for LinkedIn

Want to share advice for professional development, career preparation or personal branding? Consider writing an article for the My GradSkills LinkedIn page. We are always looking for students who want to share insight with their colleagues. It's a great way to develop your online presence by linking your profile to your published articles.

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Writing for The Conversation Canada

Are you ready to write for a bigger audience?

As a graduate student, you might want to share your work with a non-specialist audience. The Conversation Canada is part of a global news network bringing research to a broad audience. It's a great opportunity for PhD students wanting to share their work widely.

We can help if you have an idea you'd like to pitch to The Conversation Canada — get in touch to see how we can help!

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FGS-GSA Graduate Research Photo Competition

What does a photo competition have to do with writing? In this case, everything!

In this annual competition held jointly by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Students' Association, grad students are invited to submit digital images (including photos, along with things like electron microscopy images) relating to their research. The images must be accompanied by both a technical and a plain-language abstracts.

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