Looking for awards

Where to look

As you look for awards, make sure to read the graduate award regulation as it may affect your eligibility and/or the ability to hold multiple awards.

Awards Database

The best place to find a list of awards that match your criteria. Sort and search for awards by program, citizenship or name of the award. The database will return the following information:

  • requirements
  • award value and duration
  • application process  
  • deadline for submission

To search for awards in a specific field of study or by the award name, type one word at a time. For a specific award, start with a word that is part of the award name, for eg. type ‘Izaak’ or ‘Killam’ to search for the Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarship.

Awards Database

FGS Website

A list of major awards can be found on our website in the main menu under Award Opportunities. Click on the award name to see award information, terms of reference, application details, and other resources such as online presentations or upcoming workshops to help you prepare your application.

Award Opportunities


Every Thursday, you will receive a newsletter from us called the GRADpost. This newsletter is the best resource for timely updates on open competitions (internal and external awards), workshops, news and award announcements. Current and past issues are saved on the website under Grad Life.


Indigenous students

Consider all award opportunities, as well as Indigenous awards listed under Award Opportunities, or in the Awards Database by selecting Indigenous under award category.

Also, be sure to consult with your band about Band funding. UCalgary considers Band funding to be third party sponsorship.

International students

International students are eligible for many awards. Explore your options with the Awards Database by selecting International in the Citizenship category. Some examples of major awards you may be eligible for include: