Exceptional scholars

Our Killam Laureates and Vanier Scholars are extraordinary researchers and future leaders in their fields.

Killam Laureates

The Killam Laureates' primary purpose is to support advanced education and research at five selected Canadian universities and the Canada Council for the Arts. These two-year scholarships are open to Ph.D. students; awards are made annually to top ranking applicants in recognition of their outstanding caliber. The Killam Trusts have contributed to the advancement of learning at the University of Calgary since 1967. 

2020 UCalgary Killam Laureate Kaltrina Kusari

2020 UCalgary Killam Laureate Kaltrina Kusari

Montage: 2020 Killam Laureates

Montage of the 2020 Killam Laureates

Jahanara Rajwani

2018 UCalgary Killam Laureate Jahanara Rajwani

Mallik Mahmud

2017 UCalgary Killam Laureate Mallik Mahmud

Maurice Mohr

2016 UCalgary Killam Laureate Maurice Mohr

Dan Berger

2016 UCalgary Killam Laureate Dan Berger

Kyle Wilson

2015 UCalgary Killam Laureate Kyle Wilson

Muhammad Khan

2015 UCalgary Killam Laureate Muhammad Khan

Joshua Whitehead

2019 UCalgary Killam Laureate Joshua Whitehead

Williams Ernesto Miranda Delgado

2019 UCalgary Killam Laureate Williams Ernesto Miranda Delgado

Julia Poole

2017 UCalgary Killam Laureate Julia Poole

Elena Favaro

2016 UCalgary Killam Laureate Elena Favaro

Valentina Bertolani

2016 UCalgary Killam Laureate Valentina Bertolani

Briana Cassetta

2015 UCalgary Killam Laureate Briana Cassetta

Adrienne Offenbecker

2015 UCalgary Killam Laureate Adrianne Offenbecker

2019 Vanier Scholars

Vanier Scholars

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is intended to support students broadening their research horizons. The Vanier CGS was created to attract and retain world-class doctoral students by supporting those who demonstrate a high standard of scholarly achievement and exemplary leadership.

Recent Vanier Scholars


  • Galina Belolyubsaya, Anthropology
  • Kate Bourne, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Science
  • Hannah Dimmick, Kinesiology
  • Ali Fatehi Hassanabad, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Science
  • Dion Kelly, Neuroscience
  • Chelsea Moran, Psychology
  • Oluwatomiwa Osin, Chemistry
  • Jahanara Rajwani, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Carieta Thomas, Sociology

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  • Mohammadali Ahmadi, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • James Bull, Biological Sciences
  • Chelsea Christie, Community Health Science
  • Brandon Craig, Neuroscience
  • Adrianna Giuffre, Neuroscience
  • Keira Gunn, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Kimberly Manalili, Community Health Science
  • Sarthak Sinha, Veterinary Medicine
  • Mason Stothart, Veterinary Medicine

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  • Samantha Baglot, Neuroscience
  • Breanna Borys, Biomedical Engineering
  • Leanne Dawson, Electrical Engineering
  • Albert Isaacs, Neuroscience
  • Emilie Lacroix, Psychology
  • Haydee Mesa-Galloso, Biological Science
  • Julia Poole, Clinical Psychology
  • Mallik Sezan Mahmud, Geography
  • Shasta Webb, Anthropology

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  • Michele Bianchi, Anthropology
  • Kevin Boldt, Kinesiology
  • N. Daniel Berger, Neuroscience
  • Chelsia Gillis, Community Health
  • Lucie Nurdin, Chemistry
  • J. Mylynn Felt, Communication and Media Studies
  • Adedapo Noah Awolayo, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • Karla Conte, Medical Science
  • Kamala Adhikari Dahal, Community Health
  • Williams E. Miranda-Delgado, Biological Science
  • Thomas Fox, Geography

Learn more about the 2017 Vanier Scholars


  • Christopher Logan Cahill, Biological Sciences
  • Erin Hetherington, Community Health Science
  • Teja Klancic, Kinesiology
  • Rachael Anne L'Orsa, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Jenine Rocha Leal, Community Health Science
  • Juan Javier Marrugo-Hernandez, Chemistry
  • Erin Laurel Stephenson, Clinical Neurosciences
  • Haley Alleson Vecchiarelli, Clinical Neurosciences

Learn more about the 2016 Vanier Scholars


  • Alper Aksac, Computer Science
  • Carlos Enriquez-Victorero, Chemistry
  • Robert Mayall, Chemistry
  • Ahmed Mostafa, Computer Science
  • Elias Nyanza, Community Health Science
  • Muhammad Omer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Alexandra Robinson, Educational Research
  • Jessica Switzer, Clinical Psychology

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