Remote oral candidacy and thesis exams

Forms and documents

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has guidelines to support remote oral exams. Work with your supervisor and program to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for any upcoming oral exams.

Please review the following forms and documents. For additional information, please contact

FGS Guidelines for Remote Oral Exams

Read the guidelines for planning and conducting a remote oral exam.

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Exam rooms at the Taylor Family Digital Library

Exam rooms are available at the Taylor Family Digital Library for graduate students to use in oral exams. If you are a graduate student and do not have a suitable space or stable internet connection, use the following protocol to book an exam room. Please note that students are not permitted to have anyone in the room with them.

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Tips for remote oral exams using Zoom

Refer to this page for extra tips and best practices for using Zoom to plan and conduct an oral exam. This page also includes information on booking GAT Zoom facilitators to provide technical assistance.

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