Submit your thesis

As you prepare to submit your thesis, please review and follow the steps below:

1. Review your thesis

Review your thesis and make sure all corrections approved by your examining committee are complete and that your final document complies with the formatting requirements outlined in the Thesis Formatting Guidelines. No changes can be made to your thesis once it has been submitted.

    2. Submit forms to FGS

    Ensure that all required thesis forms have been submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) Office before submitting your thesis to The Vault.

    Please submit your final thesis forms by email to Please log in with your UCalgary credentials prior to submitting your forms so that the Faculty of Graduate Studies can provide you with access to the Vault.

    Submission deadline and times

    • Your deadline is the date set by your program to meet all degree requirements OR is the fee payment deadline in order to avoid paying fees for the following term.
    • Completed thesis forms must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day of the deadline.

    Forms for thesis submissions


    If required:

    How to make a successful thesis submission:


    • Name .pdf file as: ucalgary_year_last_first (all lowercase)
    • Use Thesis Title Page approved by FGS (include all changes)
    • Review .pdf conversion for formatting changes
    • Include all Copyright Forms in your Appendix
    • Submit final version of thesis
    • Submit to the Graduate Studies — The Vault: Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection


    • Include Thesis Approval Page
    • Include Ethics or Animal Protocol Approval certificates
    • Include other’s personal or contact Information (including email addresses)
    • Include signatures throughout thesis (including on copyright documents)

    3. Get access to The Vault

    Once FGS has received and approved your thesis forms, you will be given access to The Vault to submit your thesis electronically. You will not be able to access The Vault until your forms have been received and access is granted.


    4. Submit your thesis to The Vault

    Electronically submit your thesis to by following the instructions in the eThesis Submission Manual found at

    Read the Electronic Thesis Submission Manual and submit your thesis to the Graduate Studies – The Vault collection within the UCalgary PRISM repository.

    Your thesis will be added to the approval queue and reviewed by FGS. If your thesis is not rejected for further corrections, you will receive an email confirming that your thesis has been approved and archived in The Vault. 

    Please note that this process takes 5-7 business days.

    5. Apply to graduate

    Get instructions to apply for graduation through your Student Centre. Continually check your email for updates and to complete the Attendance Notification by the required deadline after you apply.

    Submitting your thesis to ProQuest (optional)

    UCalgary's collaboration with ProQuest offers the ability to submit your thesis online. You can read more about ProQuest and its theses repository here:

    Click here to start your submission.

    Technical issues: If you have any problems with your submission, please contact the ProQuest Support Centre.