Award eligibility

Before you apply for an award, make sure you are eligible. Your eligibility must hold for the entire tenure of an award.

Understanding your eligibility

To receive your award, you must satisfy all of these requirements at the time the award is paid.

UCalgary graduate award eligibility

This is the University of Calgary's requirements for all graduate award recipients. See below for details.

FGS award regulation

For fair distribution of University of Calgary academic competitive awards, the maximum amount a student can hold in ‘other awards’ and/or ‘university-wide awards’, at any given time is: Master’s: $20,500, Doctoral: $26,000. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

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Funder's terms of reference

The terms of reference of external funders can typically be found on their website. Links are provided in the Awards Database, or on our website.

UCalgary graduate award eligibility

For competitive university awards administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies, for the full award tenure

You should

  • Be registered as a graduate student at the University of Calgary 
  • Have tuition and general fees as a graduate student at the University of Calgary. Learn more about registration.
  • Meet the terms of reference of the award.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the award and the Graduate Award Regulation.

You should not

  • Be fully funded by a third party sponsor
  • Be in a course-based program unless the award terms of reference state otherwise
  • Be in Clinical Fellowship Training (FELW MD), Postgraduate Medical Education (Residency-PGME) or similar programs
  • Be in a profession/practice oriented doctoral degree program (ie. EDD, DDes, DBA, DNurs)

Note: Students registered in a program structured for full-time employees and Master’s course-based students are eligible to hold program recommended awards.

All award applicants must read and understand the Graduate Award Regulation

  1. Award

    Award refers to scholarships, awards, fellowships, internships, research and training grants

  2. Competitive Awards

    Competitive awards are awarded for academic merit and research potential through peer-reviewed competition

  3. Other Awards

    "Other awards" refers to external funding agency awards; major research and training grants; and department, program or institute level awards not administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies

  4. Program Recommended 

    Program Recommended awards are nominated by individual graduate programs and administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies

  5. University-wide awards

    University-wide awards are administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies