Renewing your award

To renew a multi-year award, you must still be eligible for the award and show satisfactory progress in your program.

Satisfactory Progress

If you are renewing a Killam Award, you must complete and submit the Killam Scholarship Progress Report to the Graduate Scholarship Office no later than February 1st of the renewal year, regardless of the month it renews.


If you are renewing an Eyes High Doctoral Recruitment award, you must complete and submit the EHDRS Progress Report to the Graduate Scholarship office no later than four weeks prior to the renewal date.As an EHDRS holder, you are required to apply to all external award opportunities. This is a requirement of the award renewal process.

For all other awards, your Annual Progress Report, if submitted within the last twelve months will be used. If the annual progress report was submitted more than twelve months ago, you will have to fill out and submit a Scholarship Progress Report to the Graduate Scholarship Office.

You are required to have a current Annual Progress Report in the system by mid-fall of each year.

External funding agencies may have additional requirements to renew your award. Look at their Terms of Reference for more information