Career planning and professional development resources

My CareerSkills Toolkit

Use the Toolkit to help plan your transition from grad school to a career. Developed by My GradSkills in 2016, this highly interactive Toolkit takes you on a journey of self-discovery through a series of exercises, insights and additional resources. 

The Toolkit is organized in four main chapters:

  • Know yourself
  • Explore options
  • Get focused
  • Take action

By working through the chapters and exercises in sequence, you will develop an excellent understanding of your strengths, interests and career directions.

Career resources for graduate students

Learn about the My GradSkills Career Toolkit, Career Services and more resources to support UCalgary graduate students with career planning.

Career Resources for Graduate Students

Graduate students have transferable skills

Have you assessed your skills and thought about how they might prepare you for a job beyond your academic discipline? Watch this video and gain insight into how you are already developing transferable skills.

Graduate students have transferable skills