Course registration

Manage courses in your Student Centre by the relevant deadlines listed in the Academic Schedule.

Managing course enrolment in your student centre

You may add, edit, or swap courses online any time up to and including the course add deadline. Withdraw deadlines for Block Week and other non-standard courses may differ from the regular Academic Schedule. Make sure you check the specific deadlines for each of your courses in your Student Centre.

Dropping a course vs. withdrawing from a course

  • You may drop a course through your online Student Centre any time up to and including the course drop deadline. Course tuition fees will be cancelled and the course will be removed from your academic record.
  • After the drop deadline has passed, you may withdraw from a course online any time up to and including the course withdrawal deadline. No tuition fees will be refunded and a ‘W’ will be recorded for the course on your academic record. A ‘W’ has no impact on your GPA. Graduate students are not permitted to withdraw online more than once from the same course.

After the withdraw deadline for a given term has passed, the course grade will be entered as earned.

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal (EW)

If you are unable to complete a course due to unexpected, uncontrollable circumstances, you may be able to apply for an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal. EW Applications are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office. More information is available here.

Course registration guides

Please use these guides for instructions on managing course enrolment in your Student Centre.

Register for a class

Read the instructions

Edit a class

Read the instructions

Swap a class

Read the instructions

Drop a class

Read the instructions

Non-standard course registration

Use a Change of Course Registration from if you want to:

  • register after the deadline ($60 late fee will apply)
  • audit a class

Submit the completed and signed form to your Graduate Program Officer.

For more information contact your Graduate Program Administrator