Transformative Talent Internships for Graduate Students

Make your internship a Transformative Talent Internship.

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Why consider a Transformative Talent Internship?

The Transformative Talent Internship (TTI) program allows graduate students to enhance their skills internship experience by making it an experiential learning opportunity. TTI participants in course-based program are reimbursed for their internship (INTE) course fees. Participants in research-based programs are reimbursed for their continuing fees for the time they are completing their internships. This allows students to earn income while remaining registered full time in their programs. 


For a student to qualify for a Transformative Talent Internship, they must:

  • Be a full-time graduate student registered at the University of Calgary, and at least one year into your graduate program
  • Be in good financial and academic standing with the university. Students with holds on their account cannot be registered into the TTI course
  • Be in a graduate program that does not have a required internship, practicum or co-op course
  • Have the approval of their graduate supervisor and graduate program

For an internship opportunity to qualify as a Transformative Talent Internship, it must:

  • Be approved by the student's graduate supervisor and program
  • Include a mentor at the internship organization to provide guidance and feedback during the internship
  • Use and develop the student's research and professional skills
  • Be a minimum of 210 hours and a maximum of 8 months full-time or 12 months part-time
  • Not be solely research-based
  • Not be eligible for Mitacs funding

Internships should be taken in your second year (Master’s) or post-candidacy (PhD).

*Please note: international students and international internships may have additional requirements. Please refer to the International Student Services' information for working off-campus.


The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides Transformative Talent Internship scholarships to offset loss of stipend while you are away from your program.

  • Tuition/program fee reimbursement. Participants in course-based program are reimbursed for their internship (INTE) course fees; participants in research-based programs are reimbursed for their continuing fees for the time they are completing their internships. This allows students to earn income while remaining registered full time in their programs.
  • Additional funding. The Faculty of Graduate Studies may pay an additional bursary top-up to internship earnings, determined on a case-by-case basis and depending on available funds.

Graduate students undertaking an internship of 30 hours per week or more are not eligible for scholarship or other non-internship funding from university sources, including supervisor’s research grants, during the period of their internship.

Students currently receiving other scholarship funding must contact the Graduate Scholarship Office at to discuss whether participating in a Transformative Talent Internship will impact current scholarships.

How do Transformative Talent Internships work?

Am I eligible?

Determine your eligibility. Refer to the internship regulations in the Graduate Calendar. Internship opportunities that are research-based and/or eligible for Mitacs funding are not eligible for TTI funding.

International students may be subject to restrictions on working in Canada, and should contact International Student Services.

Graduate Calendar

Where do I find an internship?

It's up to you as the student to find an internship opportunity. Not sure where to start? Check out these resources to help you find an internship.

Internship search resources

How do I make my internship a TTI?

Make sure you review the checklist that accompanies the TTI application form. Remember, you need to prepare learning outcomes as part of your application (see below for more on learning outcomes).

Review by grad studies

Allow time for the Faculty of Graduate Studies to review and respond to your TTI application.

What happens after the review?

The Faculty of Graduate Studies will notify you once your application has been reviewed. If the application is successful, you will automatically be enrolled in the internship course. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will initiate any TTI funding that you are to receive from the university.

Start your internship!

You're ready to start work. You may need to take a leave from your program.

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Finding an internship

Get resources and ideas for how to find an internship, and see a list of previous internship employers.

Learn more

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Remote Internships

With many internships following the work-from-home model, here are some resources to help you secure and successfully complete remote internships.

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Outcomes and courses

Internship outcomes

A learning outcome is a written statement describing a specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic achievement you want to accomplish during your internship.

With your graduate supervisor (and possibly with your internship supervisor), you will write three to five learning outcomes as part of your Transformative Talent Internship application.

Throughout your internship you will be reflecting on your chosen learning outcomes to measure your progress.

These learning outcomes are a way to focus your time during your internship and ensure you get the most value from your experience. They are a way to demonstrate that you take your internship responsibilities seriously.

Learning outcomes also provide language you can use on your resume or CV to show what you have achieved.

Internship courses

When you participate in a Transformative Talent Internship you will be registered automatically in an internship course to have your internship recorded on your transcript. If you would like course credit for your Mitacs internship please contact

The Faculty of Graduate Studies office will register you in the appropriate course for each term during which your internship will take place.

Your enrollment in an internship course ensures the internship is recorded on your transcript and gives your graduate program a way to track your progress in your program.

Read about internship courses in the Graduate Calendar

Writing a learning outcome

1. Make lists

  • Make a list of the skills you want to improve during your internship.
  • Make a list of the skills you want to learn or develop during your internship.
  • Make a list of tasks or projects you will work on or accomplish during your internship.

2. Identify the most relevant items

Look over your lists and choose the three to five most relevant items. Look for areas of overlap or potential overlap between your lists.

3. Write a description of each outcome

Try using the phrases, “By the end of my internship, I will be able to…” or “By the end of my internship, I will have presented/accomplished…”.