Graduate Orientation

At Graduate Orientation (GradO) you'll discover the resources and meet the people that will help you succeed at the University of Calgary

87% of students feel better prepared for graduate school after attending GradO, and 96% of survey respondents said the content was helpful.

GradO 2017 Survey

What happens at GradO?

We have developed special presentations and activities that will get you acquainted with some important grad school basics, and you'll have the chance to (virtually) meet other students and leaders in graduate studies.

Browse the resources below that were used at last year's orientation for an idea of the topics and issues we cover at GradO.

For research-based students

If you are enroled in a research-based program, the following resources were design with your needs and questions in mind:

For course-based students

If you are enroled in a professional program, the following resources were design with your needs and questions in mind:

Winter 2021 GradO

Winter 2021 GradO took place on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 1 PM (MST). Scroll down to watch a video of GradO.

International Student Services (ISS) offers an orientation for international students. Registration opens one month prior to its scheduled date. Learn more about International Graduate Essentials

Watch a recording of GradO from Winter 2021

Use the times below to help find a particular segment:

Welcome Session - 0:00:00
Smudge and Blessing with Elder Dr. Reg Crowshoe - 0:03:25
Welcome from Provost and Vice-President Dr. Dru Marshall - 0:09:10

Introducing the Faculty of Graduate Studies - 0:28:47
The Dunning-Kruger Effect - 0:33:50
COVID Information for Graduate Students - 0:39:51
COVID Information for Arriving International Students - 0:53:23
Your Graduate Program vs FGS - 0:55:44
Key Contacts - 0:57:40
FGS Supports and Areas of Service - 1:02:10
FGS Registration and Records - 1:06:26
FGS Student Advising - 1:08:08
FGS Scholarships - 1:12:20
FGS My GradSkills - 1:18:12
FGS Contacts - 1: 20:38

Introducing the Graduate Students' Association - 1:21:40
GSA Executive - 1:22:42
GSA Health and Dental Plans - 1:23:50
GSA Awards and Financial Support - 1:26:20
GSA Union and Labour Relations - 1:28:19
GSA Events - 1:29:48
GSA Peer Beyond Research Conference - 1:30:51
GSA Contacts - 1:31:30

The Graduate Calendar

Learn about the University of Calgary's Graduate Calendar - an essential and authoritative source of information for every UCalgary graduate student.

Health and Wellbeing

Learn about the University of Calgary's resources supporting the health and wellness of graduate students.

Graduate Supervisors

Learn about the importance of your graduate supervisor, along with some key practices for a successful relationship with your supervisor.

Newcomers to Calgary

Find important information for students relocating to Calgary from other cities, provinces or countries.

Student Services

Learn about the university’s graduate student services and supports including My GradSkills, a service that will help prepare you for life after graduate school.


Learn about the Graduate Students' Association (GSA), and all of the services and supports that the GSA provides to graduate students.