May 7, 2018

Nursing students share experiences from Doha with Mabbott Family Travel Award benefactors

Four nursing students graduating in June share observations on health care in Qatar with Shelley and Randy Mabbott at private event
Nursing Students- Doha

From left, Dianne Tapp, Laura Russell, Lily Bailey, Shelley Mabbott, Randy Mabbott, Stephanie Nernbe

Another group of recipients of the Mabbott Family Travel Award met in early May 2018 to share learnings from their student exchange to the University of Calgary in Qatar with benefactors, Shelley and Randy Mabbott.

The four students – Stephanie Nernberg, Laura Russell, Lily Bailey and Jessica Cranwell – thanked the Mabbott family and said the experience was much the same as the students who benefited from their generosity previously: life-changing.

"The UCalgary program dug so deep and opened my eyes to health care in Canada," says Cranwell. "But observing health care in Qatar made me conscious of the cultural aspects that patients bring to their illness: it is such a family-oriented culture."

Russell added: "We are all so lucky to have had such an amazing experience and learned such good lessons so early in our career. We all learned a lot about ourselves as well."

All four students will convocate in June.

The Mabbott Family Travel Award was established in 2017 to offer an international study experience at the University of Calgary in Qatar to students who, without financial assistance, would not be able to have the opportunity.

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