Feb. 8, 2021

We have answers to your most common questions! - February 2021

Check out the most common questions the Recruitment and Admission Teams team received this month from prospective students, parents, and counsellors.

The deadline to apply for fall 2021 is fast approaching! If you are interested in applying for admission, be sure to submit your application by March 1, 2021!


When is the last day to change my application choices?

The deadline to make any changes to the program choices on your application is March 1, 2021.

For those who have not yet received an initial offer of admission, many offers are made in February when we receive first term grade 12 marks. If you have not received an offer by the last week of February, we recommend that you consider changing the second choice on your application to a program with a lower estimated competitive average. To change your program choices, please see this helpful video tutorial.

Learn more about your first- and second-choice offers and how admission works.

Have questions about which program to choose – connect with our Recruitment Team for support choosing a program.


When will I have a decision on my application?

The best way to view the status of your application is in the Status Link in your my.ucalgary.ca. We will use this and your email to communicate any updates regarding your application – please check both regularly.

In January through March we receive thousands of transcripts and supporting documents – thank you for your patience as we review them. We’ll be sure to connect with you about updates to your application status.

If you have recently submitted your required transcripts and supporting documents, documents take 7-14 days to be reviewed.

Once we have confirmed we have all the documents we need, students with Canadian credentials should expect to receive a decision within 2-3 weeks. Students with international credentials will receive their decisions within 4-6 weeks.

Until you hear back from us, this is a great time to join us for a virtual campus tour and learn more about campus life.


When will scholarship decisions be made?

UCalgary awards 17M annually in scholarships and awards; award decisions are made on an on-going basis.

Automatic admission scholarships (awards based on your admission average) are awarded when you receive an offer of admission and are included in your offer of admission letter.

Prestige award winner notifications start at the end of March.

High school entrance awards winners are notified at the end of April.

If you have not yet applied for our high school entrance awards, make sure you do so by March 1, 2021. For more information click here.


If I upgrade a course now, will I be re-evaluated in time?

If you are applying for the fall 2021 intake, all high school courses must be completed by June 30, 2021 to be considered for admission. UCalgary does not consider in-progress scores for semester-based courses and a course must be completed to be considered for admission purposes.

For UCalgary programs, the majority of offers are made before the June 30, 2021 deadline. If you have not received an offer of admission, we recommend that you look at changing your program choices (see above) and connect with our Recruitment Team to discuss next steps.


When do I have to accept my offer of admission?

The exact deadline to accept your offer of admission is in your offer of admission letter in your my.ucalgary.ca. For most high school students, this deadline is May 1, 2021.

To accept your offer of admission you are required to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit (which will be applied to your tuition and fees) and accept your offer in your my.ucalgary.ca.

For further details on next steps after you have been admitted, click here.


What are conditions of admission and what is needed to keep my offer of admission?

If you have received an offer of admission with conditions, the details of these conditions will be in your offer letter and status link on my.ucalgary.ca. We will finalize your offer when these conditions are met – normally mid-July to the end of August for most high school students and early May to end of June for transfer students.

One common requirement to finalize your offer is maintaining your admission average. We encourage students to maintain the average that they were admitted with. In late April, high school averages needed to maintain your offer of admission will be available through my.ucalgary.ca.


I am in grade 11 and am interested in learning about applying for admission next year. Where can I get help?

Starting your university search early is a great choice! To help you explore your options, we recommend checking out the following five helpful resources:


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