Becoming a supervisor

Learn about obtaining and renewing your supervisory privileges.

Understanding supervisory privileges

How to obtain your supervisory privileges

Being a supervisor is a privilege. If you are not currently a supervisor but would like to become one

  1. Talk to the department head in your program and bring an up-to-date CV to the GPD. The GPD will then submit a recommendation form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. If the Dean of Graduate Studies approves the recommendation, you will be sent a provisional approval letter for supervisory privileges inviting you to register in a Supervisory Workshop that is held every two months.  Following completion of the workshop, you will receive a final supervisory approval letter and can begin supervising students. Please note that you cannot be appointed as a student supervisor until the workshop has been completed.
  2. Once you’ve received your appointment letter, you must attend a new supervisor workshop. Contact Jing Wang ( for orientation dates.

Renewing your privileges

Your supervisory privileges need to be renewed every 5 years. You will need to fill out the Supervisory Renewal eform in your Faculty Centre, which will be reviewed alongside your supervisory record. You may need to meet with your graduate program director, department head, or associate dean graduate to discuss supervisory practices and learn more about the resources on campus to support your supervision. 

Your Supervisory Record: You can download a record of of all your supervisory activities in your Faculty Centre. If your supervisory record is incomplete or incorrect, you can request changes.

Apply to renew your supervisory privileges

If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact the GPD in your program or an Associate Dean (Student)