Drop a class

Before dropping a course, make note of the drop deadlines.

See the Academic Schedule for drop and withdrawal deadlines.

When a class is dropped before the drop deadline (around a week after the first day of classes) for the current term, the course will not appear on your academic transcript and charges for the course will not be applied.

When a class is removed after the drop deadline but before the withdrawal deadline for that term, a ‘W’ will be placed on your academic transcript and charges will still apply.

Please use the most recent version of Internet Explorer as the default browser for accessing your Student Centre.

On your Student Centre Homepage select the term that contains the class you want to drop (ex. Spring 2019), and click Drop.

Drop a course

You will see all your classes for that term. Select the checkbox for each course you would like to drop and click Drop Selected Classes.

Note: Should you decide to add a class you previously dropped that is full and wait-listed, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. Ensure that you look over your registration before you drop a class.

select classes to drop

Confirm your selection and click Finish Dropping.

Confirm your selection

You will receive a message stating if your action was successful or unsuccessful. If you receive an error message, please speak to your graduate program administrator.

view results


Graduate students will sometimes require permission from their graduate program to enrol in specific courses. If you are unable to add a course, speak with your graduate program administrator first.

Graduate students are unable to enrol in courses outside of their departments without permission. You may need to complete and submit a Graduate Change of Course Registration form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, but first check with your graduate program administrator. If you wish to audit a course, the Change of Course Registration form is also required.


You will not be able to register in classes if you have a hold on your account. A hold may be placed on your account for a variety of reasons, such as outstanding admission documents or past due fees. If you have any questions about this, speak to your graduate program administrator or to the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ front desk team.


Always make sure you are aware of the add/drop deadlines for the term. You can view these deadlines in the Graduate Calendar. If you want to add a course after the deadline, you will need to complete a Change of Course Registration form, and you will be charged a late registration fee. If you have any questions about the add/drop deadlines, speak to your Graduate Program Administrator or to the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ front desk team.

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal (EW)

If you are unable to complete a course due to unexpected, uncontrollable circumstances, you may be able to apply for an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal. EW Applications are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office. More information is available here.