Register for a class

Please use the most recent version of Internet Explorer as the default browser for accessing your Student Centre.

Finding your class

In order to register for a class, you will first have to find the class you want and then add it to your Enrolment Shopping Cart.

  1. Log in to your Student Centre and on the Homepage, you will see a selection of tabs for each available term. Select the term you want and click Validate / Add / Submit / Edit.
  2. This will take you to your Shopping Cart. Click Search to begin searching for a class

Perform a class search for your chosen term.

Enter at least two search criteria such as the subject, course number, and/or course career (i.e., Graduate Programs) of the course you want to find. Click Search once complete.

Please Note: Leaving the “Show Open Classes Only” box ticked, limits search results to classes that are still open for enrolment. Un-tick this box to view classes that are full if you want to register for a waitlisted course.

Shopping cart

Adding a Course to Your Shopping Cart

The status of the course - Open, Wait List, or Closed - is identified by a corresponding symbol:

  • Open (green circle) courses have not yet reached their enrolment capacity and are available for enrolment.
  • Wait List ( yellow triangle) courses are at their maximum capacity but offer a waiting list in the event that room opens up. Enrolment is open but a spot in the course is not guaranteed.
  • Closed (blue square) courses have reached their maximum enrolment capacity and are not available for enrolment.

Add your course(s) to your Shopping Cart and click Select to proceed. 

course selection

You will be shown specific information on the course, such as enrolment information, wait list status, or any pre-requisites. Click Next.

If the course is full and you want to be added to the wait list, select the box in the top right corner.

You will see a message stating that the course has been added to your Shopping Cart.

Close the window by clicking the X in the top-right corner to return to your Student Centre homepage.

Class preferences
Search results

Enrolling in Courses from Shopping Cart

Once the course has been added to your Shopping Cart, select the term the course is in using the appropriate tab and click Validate / Add / Submit / Edit.

validate add submit edit

You should be able to view all your courses pending in the Shopping Cart. Select the courses that you want by using the tick-boxes to the left and click Enrol.


You will have to confirm again the classes you are enrolling in for the term. Click Finish Enrolling to complete the process.You will see a message stating that you have successfully enroled in the class.If you were unsuccessful in enrolling, you will receive an error message explaining why. Please follow any instructions listed in the error message.

confirm classes


Graduate students will sometimes require permission from their graduate program to enrol in specific courses. If you are unable to add a course, speak with your graduate program administrator first.

Graduate students are unable to enrol in courses outside of their departments without permission. You may need to complete and submit a Graduate Change of Course Registration form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, but first check with your graduate program administrator. If you wish to audit a course, the Change of Course Registration form is also required.


You will not be able to register in classes if you have a hold on your account. A hold may be placed on your account for a variety of reasons, such as outstanding admission documents or past due fees. If you have any questions about this, speak to your graduate program administrator or to the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ front desk team.


Always make sure you are aware of the add/drop deadlines for the term. You can view these deadlines in the Graduate Calendar. If you want to add a course after the deadline, you will need to complete a Change of Course Registration form, and you will be charged a late registration fee. If you have any questions about the add/drop deadlines, speak to your Graduate Program Administrator or to the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ front desk team.

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal (EW)

If you are unable to complete a course due to unexpected, uncontrollable circumstances, you may be able to apply for an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal. EW Applications are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office. More information is available here.