May 11, 2021

2021 Outstanding Team Award

Term 8 Planning Team
Outstanding Team Award winners

Term 8 Planning Team (recipients)
Megan Kirkpatrick, Dave Patterson, Stacy Oke, Rachelle Dahlke, Zahra Shajani

Nominated by Tammy Hnatyshyn

“The term 8 planning team has met the challenges brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic with an ambitious spirit that allowed them to find final preceptorship placements for 252 nursing students in 2020 in spite of the restrictions and complications that they faced. There is a strong sense of mentorship among team members as well as a willingness to learn from one another. The members of this team often have different ideas and opinions, and these differences made the team stronger, not weaker. There is an environment of respect on this team which made people comfortable to share ideas and opinions.”

2021 Outstanding Team Award

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