May 11, 2021

2021 Inspirational Preceptor/Mentor Award

Dr. David Campbell
Dr. David Campbell

Dr. David Campbell (recipient)

Nominated by Simarprit Sidhu

“Dr. Campbell has provided me the opportunity to continue gaining research experiences. As an early career clinician–scientist, he mentors many nurses at the UofC. Dr. Campbell is a strong supporter of nursing and the role of RNs in the health-care system and in health research. During my project, Dr. Campbell’s care and compassion inspired me to strive for excellence in which I could ask questions without fear. His resilience and patient demeanour, even amidst stressful situations, are skills that I hope to integrate into my nursing career. He conveys a genuine interest in the success of others whether big or small, but also is supportive when an unfavourable outcome arises.”

Preceptor/Mentor Award

Clarissa Baker 
Nominated by Monika Sestakova

“I was also anxious about going to an area about which I knew absolutely nothing. Clarissa made me welcome and included. I have witnessed on multiple occasions her devotion to the patients and ensuring the delivery of safe, compassionate, patient-centered care. “

Eloise Carr 
Nominated by Jennifer Jackson

“It is clear that Professor Carr approaches her work with a spirit of collaboration, rather than competition. She set the tone for our work as an opportunity to learn together. She is generous with her time and expertise.”

Jenny Langille 
Nominated by Barb Whitworth

“Jenny worked to ensure student learning was consistent and engaging while also being fun during the pandemic. She built new study guides for online learning and gave instructors the guidance they needed to ensure students fulfilled the learning objectives.”

Eleanor Benterud 
Nominated by Iciar Bercian

“Eleanor has demonstrated commitment, dedication and service to UCalgary Nursing students as part of NurseMentor. She guides and inspires students as they navigate their education, transition to the workforce and pursue excellence well into their nursing careers."

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