May 11, 2021

2021 Outstanding Support Staff Award

Gaylynne Plysiuk
Gaylynne Plysiuk

Gaylynne Plysiuk (recipient)

Nominated by Kathryn King-Shier

“Gaylynne is successful in her role because she is highly organized, efficient, and extremely responsive. She is exceptional in her role because she also anticipates what is needed in advance of being asked. She begins interactions and builds relationships by focusing on people’s positive attributes and is always pleasant and respectful. Even with the myriad of people and programs she has supported and the people with whom she interacts, everyone feels like they are ‘first in line.’ We have appreciated how she is able to set timelines and let people know when tasks will be completed. Gaylynne is self-aware; she knows her capacity and, as a result, she understands and enacts healthy boundaries.”

Outstanding Support Staff Award

Joan Smith
Nominated by Karen Benzies
Nominated by Holly Lywin

“Joan mustered a small, but mighty, group of volunteers and planned work sequences and timelines for packing during our recent renovations. Ever the efficiency expert, Joan is currently working toward consolidating and optimizing administrative and other tasks that can be completed online.”

Rachelle Dahlke
Nominated by Jennifer Jackson

“Rachelle exemplifies a professional and supportive colleague in all of her interactions, and raises the calibre of the faculty through her skill and dedication to excellence.”

Peggy Gorrie
Nominated by Krista Wollny

“She consistently raises the mood in the CSLC and has a calming effect on everyone on the team. Peggy has a tireless commitment to serving the students, faculty, and staff of our community.”

Marc Hall
Nominated by Sandra Davidson

“Marc freely shares his time and talents to the benefit of our faculty – even when it is not directly in his job description. Through his formal role in the Nursing Research Office, Marc enables and empowers everyone to deliver their best.”

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