Doctor of Philosophy

Thesis-based program

Program overview

Philosophy scholars pursue questions of truth at the root of virtually all academic investigation in science and the humanities. Our philosophy graduate program is one of Canada's finest, garnering international recognition. Through their dedication to academic excellence, our doctoral supervisors and students maintain a PhD program that is one of Canada's top five.

The program has a strong placement record for graduates of both the PhD and MA. While many graduates pursue academic careers, the PhD in philosophy can lead to careers in consulting, public policy and research. Students accepted into this highly competitive PhD program will engage with a vibrant philosophical community supplemented with a visiting speaker series and regular research group meetings.

Completing this program

  • Core Course: Graduate Proseminar, usually taken in the first year.

  • Logic: Students must show competence in logic.

  • Thesis: Students will be required to submit and defend an original research thesis.

  • Additional Courses: Topics may include philosophy of science, history of philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, philosophy of language, epistemology, logic and more.

  • Candidacy: Students will complete both oral and written candidacy exams.


Academia, law, public policy, research analysis, consulting, publishing.

A PhD in philosophy is usually considered a final degree.

Thesis-based program

Students are required to prepare a thesis and successfully defend in an open oral defense.

Classroom delivery

Time commitment

Four years full-time; six years maximum


A supervisor is required, but is not required prior to the start of the program

Fees and funding

See the Graduate Calendar for information on fees and fee regulations, and for information on awards and financial assistance.


Learn about faculty available to supervise this degree.
Please note: additional supervisors may be available. Contact the program for more information.

  1. David Dick

    David Dick

    Accepting Inquiries
    Philosophy of Money, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
  2. Marc Ereshefsky

    Marc Ereshefsky

    Accepting Inquiries
  3. Ish Haji

    Ish Haji

    Accepting Inquiries
  4. Ali Kazmi

    Ali Kazmi

    Accepting Inquiries
  5. Noa Latham

    Noa Latham

    Accepting Inquiries
    Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Action
  6. Nicole Wyatt

    Nicole Wyatt

    Accepting Inquiries
    Philosophy of Logic, Speech Act Theory
  7. Richard Zach

    Richard Zach

    Accepting Inquiries

Admission Requirements


A minimum of 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 point system, over the past two years of full-time study (a minimum of 10 full-course equivalents or 60 units) of the undergraduate degree.

Minimum education

Applicants hold a four-year undergraduate degree with honours or a major in philosophy; however, applicants with a degree in a related academic field will be considered.

Work samples

A sample of written work, such as a recent essay, written in English.



Reference letters


Test scores


English language proficiency

An applicant whose primary language is not English may fulfill the English language proficiency requirement in one of the following ways:


For admission on September 1:

Canadians and permanent residents: Jan. 15 application deadline

International students: Jan. 15 application deadline

If you're not a Canadian or permanent resident, or if you have international credentials, make sure to learn about international requirements

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