Philippe Gray, PhD

Relevant Industry Positions:
• Onboard Charger Team, Power Electronics, Lucid Motors in Newark, California
• Main Circuit Design, HVDC Transmission Schemes, General Electric in Stafford, U.K.
• Visiting Researcher, Electric Power Systems Group, ABB Corporate Research in Västerås, Sweden

Academic Background:
• Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto
• M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto
• B.A.Sc. (Hons.) in Engineering Science, University of Toronto

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Areas of Research

Solid-State Transformers for Hybrid AC-DC Grids
The electrical grid is undergoing a transformation from being of primarily ac type towards being more of a hybrid of both ac and dc types. This transition is being driven by the shift towards renewables and modern loads that are inherently dc. One of our research focuses is on developing advanced solid-state transformer technologies to enable this future grid where dc technologies are pervasive from distribution to transmission voltage levels. A key application for solid-state transformers is for fast charging of electric vehicles (EV). Our research in this area, includes developing novel power electronic converter topologies, controls and modulation techniques.
Power Electronics for Future Electric Transportation Applications
To drastically drive down costs of electric vehicles, cut down charging times, and enable the electrification of new types of vehicle classes, advancements in electric powertrain technologies will be required. A research focus of ours is on developing new power electronic technologies including the onboard charger and auxiliary power converters for electric vehicles. Research includes developing high-frequency power electronic converter topologies, controls and modulation techniques.
Grid Integration of Advanced Power Electronic Converters
There will be many challenges encountered when integrating significant levels of power electronics in future hybrid ac-dc grids. For instance, at distribution voltage levels, the background harmonic distortion may be significant leading to various issues such as the excitation of resonant frequencies. Our research focus is on system-level design of future grids as well as developing advanced power electronic converter controls, converter modelling techniques and software tools to facilitate this fundamental shift in the electrical grid. This research will involve some combination of advanced converter analysis, power systems design, controls, machine learning and software development.

Supervising degrees

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Masters: Seeking Students
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Doctoral: Seeking Students

Working with this supervisor

Most of the research work involves some combination of analytical work, simulations, control design, and designing, building and testing custom hardware. Hardware-based validation is an essential component of all research in our lab. To validate concepts for grid and vehicle applications, it is critical to have the capability of running experiments under representative operating conditions. We have the capability and experience of designing and operating power converters at elevated voltage and power levels. We also heavily leverage the advantages of modern wide-bandgap devices in our work enabling us to work at much higher frequencies with the aim of shrinking the size of the power converters. As part of the group, you will gain experience working on power electronics design as well as working on cutting-edge applications. You will also get the chance to develop your skills working with advanced software tools such as PLECS, MATLAB and Altium, among others. Gaining experience designing printed circuit board assemblies is also critical for developing your expertise in power electronics and many of the envisioned projects will give you this opportunity.

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