Ignacio Galiano Zurbriggen, PhD

Dr. Ignacio Galiano Zurbriggen

Areas of Research

Power electronics as enabling technology for high-impact applications
Power converters are key enablers for numerous high-impact application areas such as sustainable energy and transportation, energy harvesting, autonomous charging, electrochemical carbon capture, smart cities, and aerospace technology. The highly interdisciplinary research targets both fundamentally novel concepts as well as application-specific innovation to improve efficiency and power quality while minimizing the power converters’ size, weight, and failure rates.
Modelling & Control
Creating smarter and more effective ways to rule the behaviour of power converters. The goal is to create firmware that gets the most out of the power conversion hardware.
Devising new, and modifying existing, power conversion circuits that improve the trade-off between performance metrics (efficiency, power density, reliability) and cost.
Power Integration
Power converters work integrated into power systems such as grids and microgrids. Significant system-level improvements can be obtained by embedding support functionality in individual power converters.
Multi-domain Modelling
Creating and validating models that accurately describe the behaviour of large wind turbines, electric vehicle traction systems, or batteries storing energy, involves analysis in electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical, and hybrid domains.
Magnetic Devices
Magnetic elements, such as inductors and transformers, are at the core of power conversion technology. Improving their design can yield significant benefits in efficiency, power density and reliability.

Supervising degrees

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Masters: Seeking Students
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Doctoral: Seeking Students

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