Ann Barcomb, PhD

PhD in Computer Science/Information Systems, Software Engineering specialization, University of Limerick, Ireland
MSc in International Business, Information Systems specialization, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Dr. Ann Barcomb

Areas of Research

Software engineering, open source software, human and social aspects of software engineering, human factors, research methods, collaboration, community management
Dr. Barcomb's research goals are to improve interpretation and understanding of textual data, and to make software development better for participants. They want to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between practitioners and researchers, and to understand and generalize processes and practices in the following areas: Research Area I: Improving Textual Data Analysis, Research Area II: Participation in Software Development, and Research Area III: Software Developer Attributes.

Supervising degrees

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

Students from any background who meet the admission criteria established by the department and university are welcome to contact me. I expect that prospective students have familiarized themselves with my areas of research and have an interest in one or more of the areas.

While I answer every inquiry that shows genuine interest, I ignore general, mass emails. I have provided some tips on my website on how to give the impression you are a serious applicant.

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