Maintaining your supervisor profile

What is a graduate supervisor profile?

  • A graduate supervisor profile is a key tool for recruiting potential graduate students. 
  • Profiles appear on the degree program pages listed on the Faculty of Graduate Studies' Explore Programs page. 
  • Your profile gives you space to share your research interests and state what you look for in graduate students wanting to work with you. 
  • Your profile shows which degrees and programs you can supervise. For each degree/program, you can state whether you are seeking students or unavailable.
  • The profiles also include a contact form for students to connect with you. 

Why is it important for me to have a supervisor profile?

  • Prospective students use the Explore Programs page to identify degree programs of interest. Thesis-based degree detail pages each include a list of supervisors. 
  • If your profile is not completed, it will not appear on any degree detail pages.
  • Not having a profile raises the risk that potential students may not discover you as a potential supervisor. 
  • Programs with degree detail pages that list few supervisors may find that they receive fewer inquiries or applications.

I don't have a supervisor profile; how can I get one?

  • Confirm with your Graduate Program Director or the Faculty of Graduate Studies that you have supervisor privileges for at least one degree program. Contact to request a profile.

I have a supervisor profile, but I'm not sure how to access it.

Supervisor profile user guide

Use this guide to learn how to set up and maintain your supervisor profile.

Supervisor profile user guide

Supervisor photo