Merilee (Meredith) Brockway, PhD RN IBCLC

PhD - Nursing, University of Calgary (2019)
BN - University of Calgary (2004)
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2000)

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Areas of Research

Infant Feeding Trial
I examine the impacts of breastfeeding and infant supplementation on the infant gut microbiome and maternal mental health outcomes. This is a mixed-methods study. Aspects: - Infant feeding and breastfeeding outcomes - Maternal mood (depression, anxiety, and anger) - Maternal decision-making around supplementation - Maternal experiences with providing donor human milk - Infant health outcomes (neurodevelopment, asthma & allergy, obesity)
Patient Oriented-Research
Involving patients in the research process as research partners or knowledge users and experts in their own health journey.

Supervising degrees

Nursing - Masters: Seeking Students
Nursing - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Community Health Sciences - Masters: Seeking Students

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Working with this supervisor

I am a clinician-scientist and trialist who uses mixed methods to explore biological, emotional, and social dimensions of health-related to early life exposures and infant feeding. My program of research aims to transform healthcare provision to enhance child health outcomes for vulnerable populations, specifically infants who experience adverse early life exposures. I am a nurse scientist specializing in preterm birth, infant nutrition, early life exposures, and family-centred care. I have expertise in mixed methods designs, clinical trials, community engagement, and patient-oriented research. My developing program of research examines the role of infant feeding, specifically the provision of breastmilk and donor human milk, in informing health outcomes for infants who experience vulnerability through adverse early life exposures. I routinely engage clinicians, patients/parents, and policymakers in research to ensure that outcomes are meaningful and understandable to the knowledge user. My program of research bridges existing foundational microbiome evidence with clinical expertise to conduct translational research that will address and remediate the impact of adverse early life exposures on the developing infant microbiome. In the LATCH Lab, we incorporate an intersectional lens to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion of marginalized populations into this important field of research. I will also use a socio-ecological understanding of how the determinants of health interact with the infant (host) and their microbiome. My program of research is unique because I can leverage my nursing expertise with my microbiome training, patient-oriented research, and clinical trial experience, to develop pragmatic clinical interventions that will enhance child health outcomes.