March 7, 2022

Professor published in book on academic integrity

Open access book showcases how our understanding and support for academic integrity have progressed, while pointing out areas urgently requiring more attention.

Professor Jonnette Watson Hamilton has published “The Distinctive Nature of Academic Integrity in Graduate Legal Education” as part of Academic Integrity in Canada: An Enduring and Essential Challenge, edited by Dr. Sarah Eaton of the University of Calgary and Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes of the University of Guelph.

Jonnette's chapter examines the unique challenges of academic integrity in the context of Canadian graduate legal education, a distinctiveness that she argues is rooted in the fact that almost all graduate students in law have practiced law. In addition to contrasting the general acceptance of unattributed copying in the legal profession with its unsympathetic reception in the academy, Jonnette considers the diversity among graduate students in law and the impact that academic misconduct may have on their ability to be admitted to practice. In light of these unique challenges, she offer some suggestions for both preventing academic misconduct and facilitating students’ engagement with their scholarship.