E-scooters on campus

June 4, 2021

8 things to know about new e-scooter service on campus

Bird e-scooters arrive at UCalgary this week

E-scooters have arrived on campus.

The University of Calgary has partnered with The City of Calgary to test the viability of these personal, rented vehicles on campus, following their successful introduction to the downtown core two years ago. A pilot program that launched June 1 will see scooters from Bird Canada made available to students, faculty, staff and visitors.   

E-scooters reduce automobile use and encourage healthy lifestyles by providing a new transportation option on campus.  

Renting an e-scooter is a fun and convenient way to travel short distances on main campus and will also be available for transportation between main and Foothills campuses. Here are some things to know before you hop on:  

  1. Download the Bird app to find the closest available scooter. You can reserve one up to 30 minutes in advance. 
  2. A no-riding zone has been established on campus; the motor in your scooter will automatically stop once you enter the zone (see map below). 
  3. Bird e-scooters have a speed limit of 20 km/h, but, once on campus, they slow down to a maximum of 15 km/h. 
  4. Park with care. After your ride, use the kickstand and park it in a designated “Bird Nest” on campus, or near a bike rack (see map below).
  5. E-scooters can be used between Foothills and main campus, including the Child Development Centre and the physical plant. 
  6. Helmets are encouraged. 
  7. E-scooters will cost $1.15 to unlock and 35 cents per minute to ride.  
  8. The e-scooters are not cleaned or disinfected between customers. We recommend each rider use a pre-moistened disinfectant wipe before their ride. We strongly recommend each rider also wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after using the equipment. Please avoid touching your face during the ride! 

Want to ride? Check out the UCalgary e-scooter page for more information. 

For more information about the scooter pilot program, visit the City of Calgary page or Bird Canada. 

E-scooter map for campus

Caption: Green dots denote preferred parking areas; the central red portion of the map is the no-ride zone.