2019 University of Calgary Three Minute Thesis Finalists

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Laura Rios Carreno

Winner and Canadian National People's Choice Winner

Laura Rios Carreno, Engineering - Chemical and Petroleum
Supervisor: Dr. Martin Jasso
Modification of Asphalt with Reactive Polymers for Quality Enhancement of the Pavement

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Laura Crack

Second Place

Laura Crack, Kinesiology
Supervisor: Dr. Tish Doyle-Baker 
CHESS: Change in Hormones with Exposure to Student Stress

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Benjamin Blyth

Third Place and People's Choice

Benjamin Blyth, English
Supervisor: Dr. Susan Bennett
Shakespeare's "Shoreditch Nineteen": Site-Specificity and Collective Creation in Shakespeare's Early Works

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Annie Hoang


Annie Hoang, Chemistry
Supervisor: Dr. Viola Birss
Lower Cost Particles for Eco-Friendly Vehicles

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Rachel Kratofil


Rachel Kratofil, Medicine – Immunology 
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Kubes
Visualizing the Immune System in the Heat of Battle with Staphylococcus aureus

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Emily Macphail


Emily Macphail, Medicine - Medical Science
Supervisors: Dr. Paul Arnold and Dr. Raylene Reimer
A Gut Feeling? The Role of Diet and Microbiota in Youth With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Darren Mazzei


Darren Mazzei, Medicine - Medical Science
Supervisor: Dr. Deborah Marshall
Economics, Arthritis and Making Tough Choices in Health Care

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Lucy Poley


Lucy Poley, Geography 
Supervisor: Dr. Greg McDermid
Measuring the Biomass of Plains Bison Forage Vegetation from a Drone

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Carly Pontifex


Carly Pontifex, Medicine - Neuroscience
Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Pfeffer
Eating Yourself: Autophagy in Neuromuscular Disease

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Nisha Vashi


Nisha Vashi, Psychology
Supervisor: Dr. Suzanne Curtin
Walk it Like I Talk it: Language and Motor Development in Children with Disabilities

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