2016 UCalgary 3MT finalists

2016 University of Calgary Three Minute Thesis Finalists

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Lena Shulyakovskaya


Lena Shulyakovskaya, Educational Research  
Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Friesen 
Why do Canadian Millennial Teachers Leave the Profession?

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Sharanya Ramesh

Second Place

Sharanya Ramesh, Medicine - Medical Sciences
Supervisor: Dr. Sofia Ahmed
Studying Estrogen and Kidney Disease: It is About Time!

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Churmy Fan

Third Place

Churmy Fan, Medicine - Neurosciences
Supervisor: Dr. Tuan Trang
There Is No Panacea For Pain - Gender Differences In Pain Mechanisms

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Jordan Hollman

People's Choice

Jordan Hollman, Engineering - Civil
Supervisor: Dr. Gopal Achari, Dr. Cooper Langford
Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water: The Invisible Threat

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Chris Banmann


Chris Banmann, Engineering - Civil
Supervisors: Dr. Angus Chu, Dr. Jennifer He
Floating Treatment Wetlands: An Innovative Approach to Cleaning Our Wastewater

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Kaltrina Kusari


Kaltrina Kusari, Social Work
Supervisor: Dr. Christine Walsh
Reintegration of Rejected Asylum Seekers from Kosovo

Amjad El-Qanni


Amjad El-Qanni, Engineering - Chemical and Petroleum
Supervisor: Dr. Nashaat N. Nassar
Nanotechnology: Transforming Energy Consuming to Energy Producing Wastewater Treatment Process

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Scott McKean


Scott McKean, Engineering - Civil 
Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Priest
Shale Anisotropy: Experimental Studies for Better Hydraulic Fracturing and Caprock Integrity

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Sana Tariq


Sana Tariq, Medicine - Neurosciences 
Supervisor: Dr. Philip A. Barber
Keeping the Lights On: Memory After a Mini-Stroke

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Hee-Jeong Yoo


Hee-Jeong Yoo, Social Work
Supervisor: Dr. Christine Walsh 
Good Mothers: Stories of Women's Involvement in Child Protection Services

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