2015 UCalgary 3MT finalists

2015 University of Calgary Three Minute Thesis Finalists

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Elizabeth Watt

Winner and National Champion

Elizabeth Watt, Physics & Astronomy  
Supervisor: Dr. Tyler Meyer  
Permanent breast seed implant: Improving patient experience in early-stage breast cancer

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Crystal Kwan

Second Place and People's Choice

Crystal Kwan, Social Work  
Supervisor: Dr. Christine Walsh  
Elderly, poor and facing climate disasters

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Srimal Ranasinghe

Third Place

Srimal Ranasinghe, Environmental Design  
Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Harper  
In good faith? ...Oil pipelines, public engagement, and trust

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David Adair


David Adair, Engineering-Biomedical  
Supervisor: Dr. Yves Starreveld  
Integrated image guidance for endoscopic sinus and skull-base surgery

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Eliana Elkhoury


Eliana Elkhoury, Educational Research  
Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Lock, Dr. Krista Francis  
Let's make international professors feel at home

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Hasti Farrokhzadeh


Hasti Farrokhzadeh, Engineering - Civil  
Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Hettiaratchi  
Active methane biofilters: An alternative cure for climate change

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David Guzzardi


David Guzzardi, Medicine – Cardiovascular/Respiratory Science  
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Fedak  
Thoracic aortic aneurysms: can we diffuse a ticking time bomb?

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Kimberley Holmes


Kimberley Holmes, Educational Research  
Supervisor: Dr. Veronika Bohac Clarke  
What is the role of mindfulness in curriculum and learning? Learning to breathe, breathing to learn

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Brandon Koger


Brandon Koger, Physics and Astronomy  
Supervisor: Dr. Charles Kirkby  
Gold nanoparticle enhanced radiation therapy: A simulation study

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Heather Leduc-Pessah


Heather Leduc-Pessah, Medicine - Neurosciences  
Supervisor: Dr. Tuan Trang  
Zero tolerance: Improving opioid analgesics for the treatment of chronic pain

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