2014 UCalgary 3MT Finalists

2014 University of Calgary Three Minute Thesis Finalists

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Amanda Black


Amanda Black, Kinesiology
Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn Emery  
Concussions in youth ice hockey: prevention, knowledge, attitudes and education

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Kathryn Boon

Second Place

Kathryn Boon, Biomedical Engineering  
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kallos
Expansion of skin-derived precursor cells in suspension bioreactors

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Ann Zalucky

Third Place

Ann Zalucky, Medicine  
Supervisor: Dr. Sofia Ahmed 
When the kidneys can't breathe: The effect of hypoxia on renal function

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Akash Fichadiya


Akash Fichadiya, Medicine - Bone & Joint Health  
Supervisor: Dr. Roman Krawetz   
Regenerative medicine & osteoarthritis: Why we should give it a chance

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Matthew Godfrey


Matthew Godfrey, Communication & Culture 
Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Feng
Communicating food sustainability: Information, interpretations, attitudes & actions

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Stefan Hoerzer


Stefan Hoerzer, Kinesiology  
Supervisor: Dr. Benno M. Nigg
Using artificial intelligence to identify group-specific movement patterns

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Kaleena Johnston


Kaleena Johnston, Kinesiology  
Supervisor: Dr. Walter Herzog   
The strength of muscle theories

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Diana Powers


Diana Powers, Chemical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. Harvey Yarranton   
Asphaltenes, troublemakers in crude oil operations and refineries

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David Sidhu


David Sidhu, Psychology
Supervisor: Dr. Penny Pexman   
The role of embodiment in the Bouba Kiki effect

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Amrita Singh Chandoke


Amrita Singh Chandoke, Medicine  
Supervisor: Dr. Shirin Bonni
How 'Smurfs' control cancer

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