2013 UCalgary 3MT Finalists

2013 University of Calgary Three Minute Thesis Finalists

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Emily Marasco


Emily Marasco, Engineering - Electrical & Computer
Supervisor: Dr. Laleh Behjat  
Integrating Cross-Curricular Creativity into Elementary Electrical Engineering Education

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Craig Beers

Second Place

Craig Beers, Medicine - Neuroscience  
Supervisor: Dr. Paulo Federico
Simultaneous Intracranial EEG and fMRI for the Imaging of Epilepsy

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Taya Forde

Third Place

Taya Forde, Veterinary Medicine 
Supervisor: Dr. Karin Orsel 
CSI Arctic: What’s Killing the Muskoxen?

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Mustafa Al-Saiedy

People's Choice

Mustafa Al-Saiedy, Medicine - Cardiovascular & Respiratory Sciences
Supervisor: Dr. Matthias Amrein  
Cholesterol Dependent Pulmonary Surfactant Dysfunction

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Quinn Thomson, Biomedical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. Steven Boyd
Computer Aided Detection of Acute Ischemic Stroke: Finding Dying Brain Tissue in Early CT Images with Image Texture Analysis

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Patrick Schenck, Medicine - Gastrointestinal Sciences  
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Beck
The Role of Bacteria in the Protection Against Infections

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Victoria Lukasik, Geography  
Supervisor: Dr. Shelley Alexander   
Examining a Deadly Paradigm: Western-Canadian Carnivore Management

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Maria Palmnas, Medicine - Medical Sciences
Supervisor: Dr. Hans J Vogel  
The Biology of Ovarian Cancer - the Molecules and the Magic

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Shannon Brown, Medicine - Gastrointestinal Sciences
Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Waterhouse
Seeing With Your Gut

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Allegra Courtright, Medicine - Neuroscience 
Supervisor: Dr. Frank McMaster
Brain Boost: The Effects of Exercise on the Brain in Adolescents with Depression

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Saleem Abubacker, Biomedical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. Tannin Schmidt
Lubricin - That Stuff is on Everything! Potential Biotherapeutic Applications of Recombinant Human Lubricin

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Deb De Rantere
Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Pang
Silence Speaks Volumes: How Rat Ultrasonic Communication Can Teach us About Pain Perception

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