Mental Health Survey Results

Keep scrolling to learn more about what graduate students told us about their mental health. Understanding more about graduate mental health is important.


On the home page you will find resources for students, and at the bottom of this page find some resources specifically related to mental health.

Mental Health Slice of GMHS Wheel

Importance of mental health

Why does FGS care about mental health

63% of students rated their mental health from fair to poor

Asking students about their mental health is important

We learned that the majority of students are struggling with their mental health. Discovering what exactly is causing this will help us figure out how best to improve the student experience. 

What factors contribute to worsening mental health? Finances, Relationships, school, personal and future circumstances

Contributions to worsening mental health

We asked about the factors that contributed to lower overall mental health. Students spoke out and told us their primary reasons. With this in mind, we hope to improve student supports to minimize these factors as much as we can.

What factors contribute to improving mental health? Social Supports, Self-Care, School, Physical Health, Work-Life Balance, Accessing Services

Contributions to improving mental health

With the factors that worsen mental health, we also wanted to know what helps graduate students. This information will help guide us even more to create those social supports and services to help improve the student experience.

60% of graduate students have not sought out mental health care

Many students don't access mental health care

With this in mind, our goals drive us to making sure students know what services are available to them so that they can access the resources that are in place.

Mental Health Resources

If you need after-hours mental health support or are experiencing a current mental health crisis, you can access 24/7 support.

The Campus Mental Health Strategy is a bold commitment to the importance of mental health and well-being of our university family.

The U of C Mental Health Pros (mhp) is a club on the University of Calgary campus founded in the summer of 2020. It was built on the belief that no one understands mental illnesses like people who have lived with them themselves. And that with such personal experiences, people who have lived with mental illnesses are especially well suited to support others living with the illness they have and to educate the public on their disorders. Hence, we excitedly set forward to fulfill the vision below.​