Tinu Ruparell, Ph.D

BSc Microbiology; University of Alberta, Canada
BA Philosophy; University of Calgary, Canada
MA Religious Studies; University of Calgary, Canada
PhD Religious Studies, University of Cambridge, UK

Areas of Research

Cross-cultural Hermeneutics; Religious Pluralism
Philosophical and religious issues arising from interpretations, comparisons and engagements across cultural and religious boundaries; methodologies and theories of religion arising from such cross-cultural engagement; Hybridity; pluralism, inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue; Orientalism and post-colonial discourses; cultural translation and the role of religion in the public sphere; multiculturalism, secularism and liberal negotiations of 'religion'.
Science and Religion
Philosophical and religious issues arising from the engagement of science and religion; philosophy of science and philosophy of religion; definitions of religion in the age of science; models of science-religion encounter; religion and technology, atheism; health-humanities, religion in/as medicine
Cross-cultural Philosophy
Indian and European idealism; Leibniz, Vedanta and neo-Vedanta; metaphilosophy; hermeneutics; phenomenology; Paul Ricoeur; Modern Theology
Philosophy of Religion
Hermeneutics; Pragmatism and Religion; Religious Experience; Mysticism, Psychedelics and Religion; Idealism; Existentialism; Phenomenology

Supervising degrees

Religious Studies - Masters: Accepting Inquiries
Religious Studies - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries

Working with this supervisor

Nick Fieseler (PhD)

Faezeh Izadi (PhD)

Kristine Stringham (MA)

Kellie Cornforth (MA)

Raymon Khera (MA)

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