Tania S. Smith, PhD

PhD in English, with concentration in Rhetoric and Composition The Ohio State University, USA

Tania S Smith

Areas of Research

Rhetorical theory, criticism, and history. Rhetoric is the art of persuasive and informative communication in any genre and medium. Rhetorical criticism aims to evaluate and understand the situations, ethics, strategies, and various potential effects of communication.
British rhetoric & literature 1650-1800
I examine the rhetorical culture of the era through essays and persuasive works; rhetorical treatises and handbooks; and works teaching eloquent writing, conversation, and behaviour. I am interested in the vocabulary and ideologies involved in rhetorical criticism and education.
Online rhetorical communication
The rhetoric of website design and usability. Rhetorics of ethics, trust, and identity online. Professional ethos. Inquiry into the ways in which technology and culture structures a public, corporate or private forum, enabling some rhetorical strategies while limiting others.

Supervising degrees

Communication and Media Studies - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Communication and Media Studies - Masters: Accepting Inquiries

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Working with this supervisor

I welcome students of historical and/or contemporary strategic communication. While critical and theoretical projects are welcome, I especially appreciate supervising projects that may make a contribution to improving rhetorical practices in any sphere. Projects may combine rhetoric with other theories or methods, as needed. I believe one's theories and methods should deepen and broaden inquiry while keeping it within reasonable limits of an MA or PhD. I value clear, effective, eloquent academic writing that presents insightful, ethical research.

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