Stacey Page, PhD

PhD, Community Health Sciences, Health Research specialization University of Calgary
M Sc, Educational Psychology, Rehabilitation Studies specialization University of Calgary
B Sc, Psychology University of Calgary

Photograph, Stacey Page

Areas of Research

Research ethics, professional ethics, privacy, consent
Dr. Stacey Page is the current Chair of the Conjoint Research Ethics Board, which serves the Cumming School of Medicine and Faculties of Nursing and Kinesiology. She is a member of the Human Research Ethics Board at Mount Royal University as well as a member of the Research Ethics Board at the Alberta University for the Arts. Dr. Page is also on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards and serves on several national committees on issues relating to privacy, consent and research oversight. Her primary research interests (not surprisingly!) focus on research ethics, particularly as they apply to consent, privacy, secondary data use, biobanks and precision medicine.

Supervising degrees

Medical Science - Masters: Unavailable
Community Health Sciences - Masters: Unavailable
Disability and Community Studies - Masters: Unavailable