Shabir Barzanjeh, PhD

Shabir Barzanjeh, Assistant professor.

Areas of Research

Quantum Communication and Quantum Interface (optomechanics, electromechanics, circuitQED)
Our research is focused on the reversible quantum interface between the superconducting circuits and quantum optical systems. In our lab we are interested in developing quantum communication technology that is integrable with superconducting processors for building large-scale quantum networks. Additionally, we are activity working on non-invasive quantum sensing/imagining techniques for applications involving fragile and photodegradable materials.
Quantum Sensing and Imaging
We aim to experimentally develop and theoretically study high-resolution non-invasive quantum sensors and implement a quantum scanner’s proof-of-concept for imaging/sensing. The planned research-development stages will include detailed experimental investigations and validation of ultrasensitive quantum sensors.

Supervising degrees

Physics and Astronomy - Masters: Seeking Students
Physics and Astronomy - Doctoral: Seeking Students

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