Sarah Kenny, PhD

PhD Faculty of Kinesiology University of Calgary, Canada
M Sc Dance Science Laban Conservatoire of Dance London, UK
BA Dance Studies Faculty of Fine Art University of Calgary, Canada

Sarah Kenny

Areas of Research

Dancers as Artistic Athletes
From its inception as a scientific discipline, Dance Science acknowledges the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives to examine the health and well being of the dance population. Research investigating the dancer as an artistic athlete, strives to optimize the dancer’s potential as an elite performer through perspectives such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, health psychology, nutrition, and sociocultural perspectives. The integration of these multiple perspectives fosters a holistic approach to the field of dance injury prevention whereby dancers can reap the benefits of reduced injury, enhanced performance, and ultimately longevity in their careers. My primary research interests and objectives include reducing the burden of injury experienced by dancers, thus optimizing their performance and mitigating any long-term consequences of musculoskeletal injury.
Benefits of Dance for General Population
Another strand of Dance Science examines the effect of regular dance activity, exploring the impact of dance on areas of health and well being among other populations. As a physical activity and creative art form, dance has the capacity to provide an active, non-competitive form of exercise that can make a vital contribution to the healthy-living agenda. This second area of Dance Science research contributes to the overarching goal of reducing the prevalence of obesity in young children, as well as reducing the long term impact of disease on the health and well being of aged populations. My secondary research interest includes exploring the physiological and psychological effects of recreation/community dance as a form of physical activity for the general population across the age spectrum.

Supervising degrees

Kinesiology - Masters: Unavailable
Kinesiology - Doctoral: Unavailable

Working with this supervisor

I am looking for students with a background in dance (or related aesthetic sport) and kinesiology (or related science). Key assets include: fluent in written and spoken English; excellent organizational skills, time management, communication and presentation skills; ability to mentor undergraduate students.

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