Ronnie de Souza Santos, PhD

Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2019
Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil (Educational Credential Assessment by the University of Toronto)
Dissertation Title: Job Rotation in Software Engineering: Theory and Practice

MSc. in Computer Science, 2015
Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Dissertation Title: The Influence of Job Rotation on the Motivation and Satisfaction of Software Engineers

BSc in Information Systems 2012
Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, Brazil


Areas of Research

Human Aspects of Software Engineering, Software Fairness, Software Testing, Software Engineering Education

Supervising degrees

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Doctoral: Accepting Inquiries
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Masters: Seeking Students

Working with this supervisor

My research focus is Software Engineering, specifically emphasizing human aspects of software engineering, software development practices, software testing, and software engineering education. In my lab, our primary objective is to formulate theories, models, strategies, and practices to improve the software development process. This encompasses efforts to optimize the efficiency of software teams and to create technology that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of our contemporary society.

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