Roman Shor, PhD, PEng

Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering University of Texas at Austin, United States
B.S.E. / M.S.E. in Computer and Information Science University of Pennsylvania, United States

Roman Shor

Areas of Research

Geothermal Systems
Exploration, development, and operation of geothermal systems for heat and/or power, with a focus on warm sedimentary basins and cold climates.
Drilling Engineering
Drillstring dynamics modelling, control system design, drilling optimization, drilling mechanization and drilling systems automation.
Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Oil and Gas Applications
Data aggregation, data quality, sensor design and machine learning as applied to industrial processes.
Optimization and Control
Optimization problems in wellbore placement with consideration for optimal resource recovery, improved wellbore quality and reduced drilling time.

Supervising degrees

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering - Doctoral: Unavailable
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering - Masters: Unavailable

Working with this supervisor

Dr. Shor welcomes inquiries from students with strong technical background - typically mechanical, electrical or civil engineering, computer science or other applied sciences - with interests in applied optimization and control problems in the drilling domain, however, due to the volume of requests, Dr. Shor will only respond in cases when possible projects are available.

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