Robert Newton, PhD

PhD in Molecular GeneticsRPMS, University of London
B Sc (Hons) Biochemistry Imperial College London

Robert Newton

Areas of Research

Inflammation - Anti-inflammatory glucocorticoids
Glucocorticoids, clinically referred to as corticosteroids, are widely used in asthma, and many other inflammatory diseases due to their profound anti-inflammatory properties. We seek to elucidate mechanisms by which glucocorticoids are able to exert these anti-inflammatory effects. Such research is essential to improve the effectiveness of glucocorticoids in those conditions that respond less well to glucocorticoid therapies.

Supervising degrees

Medical Science - Masters: Seeking Students
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences - Doctoral: Seeking Students
Medical Science - Doctoral: Seeking Students
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences - Masters: Seeking Students

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